Global Heating System (Pty) LTD, is a 100% black owned company that is specializing in supplying equipment & consumables, plant maintenance, labour outsourcing, consulting, scaffolding, plant insulating, on job training and others services. It is company policy to provide a continued quality services to meet our client's expectations and built business trust with our existing & future Clients and improve the reputation of the business in respect of Health, safety and Environment aspect. This policy statement sets out company's full commitment to ensure that health and safety of employees is upheld and environment is not polluted. To demonstrate our firm commitment to Health, Safety and Environment we, shall:

· Establish appropriate management systems that are compliant to
minimise risk of pollution and environmental deration.
· To comply with applicable statutory requirement and legislative.
· Train our employees and provide them with supervision, safe
equipment and safe working procedures to ensure that worksite
hazards are minimised.
· Continually address the needs and expectations of our customers.
· Appraise our performance with the objective of continuous